About Bogomolets University :

The Bogomolets National Medical University is an ancient organization that was formed 176 years ago with an aim of providing excellence. The name of the institute is outlined after the name of the physiologist Alexander A. Bogomolets. It is consideredto be one of
the best medical institutes of Ukraine. The university is located in cosmopolitan city.

Students largely consider Bogomolets National Medical University as their prior option for medical studies from all over the globe especially Indian students. Students of near about 60 to 70 countries will be involved in thestudy of medicine in this university. The reputation built up by the institute is good enough to enrol medical students. The popularity of the organization can be easily known when you see that 5 medical graduates from 20 belonged to this medical college.

Bogomolets national medical university established in 1841 is one of the institutes with excellence. Students from around 65 countries came here to study medicine. The Medical Universities in Ukraine assists you in getting confirmed visa, cheapest air tickets and most important is that students will enjoy. It has the highest level of accreditations by the Ministry of Health and Education i.e. level IV and has been training students for over 150 years.

Ukraine is a peaceful country. Here foreigner students can get safety and security. Chances of permanent residence and settlement in other European countries like USA, Canada, and Australia after completion of the course. So study medicine in one of this Top Medical Universities in Ukraine helps students to make their career in a more efficient way. One of the best part is that the degrees are recognized and approved by UNESCO, MCI throughout EU and different International Organization. Lectures are offered in English, Russian and Ukrainian medium both for undergraduate levels and post graduate levels. The minimum tuition fees for English medium courses in the Medical Universities in Ukraine for MBBS/MD programmes vary from 3000$ and 4200$ per year. The medical universities in Europe provide scholarships to their students. The labs and infrastructure of the Universities are far better than any other government colleges in Asia, Africa and other countries. The lecturers, Doctors and professors are highly qualified. Many of the graduates who have completed their studies are working in their respective countries as a licensed doctor. A 24*7 airport pick up service is also provided to all the students through coordinator of the administration.


The admission procedure in this institution is very simple and students don’t have to crack any kind of entrance examinations. One has to submit filled Application form (with valid permanent address /postal address and telephone numbers), International passport, and educational documents (certificate of “O” level/ “A” level/SSCE/HSSCE etc). While studying in Top Medical Universities in Ukraine, students can take advantage of Bilateral Student Exchange Program with different foreign Universities in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Poland etc. International students can join part time jobs during their studies and three month`s summer jobs during vacation in countries like UK, USA, Sweden and other EU countries.

Bogomolets National Medical University was visited by the Head of the Department of Transplant Immunology and Immunogenetics, Professor
D. K. Mitra PhD from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, Republic of India. AIIMS is one of the best higher medical institutions of India, which has a solid educational base and powerful scientific and research potential. Currently, over 300 citizens of India are students of Bogomolets National Medical University. Thus, first of all, Prof. D.K. Mitra visited the Dean’s office for training foreign students. There he met with the Dean Assoc. Prof. Volodymyr Sulik, First Deputy Dean Assoc. Prof. Tetiana Timokhina and Deputy Dean Tetiana Lakhtadyr. It is the Dean’s office where foreign students ask for assistance in solving various issues in study affairs, living in dormitory, migration issues etc.

Hostel :

The student hostels of Bogomolets national medical university University can be found near the main academic buildings. Students are accommodated within the 8 hostels. All the facilities of daily need of the students such as internet clubs, reading rooms, canteens, cafes, the sewing and footwear workshops, the barber’s and the laundry shop and gyms are available nearby only.

Advantages Of Studying Medicine In Ukraine :

  • 200+ Years Old University.
  • Hostel / Indian Food.
  • Degree Recognized By- MCI, WHO, IMED, UNESCO.
  • No Entrance Exam.
  • No Donation.
  • On-Spot Admission to the University.
  • English Curriculum.
  • Scholarships available (on-merit basis).
  • Eligibility- 50% in PCB in 12th standard.
  • Tuition fees starts from 75000 INR per semester.
  • Earn upto 500 USD per month by working while studying.

Bogomolets National Medical University fees :

Bogomolets National Medical University 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fees/Year in US Dollars 4300 USD 4300 USD 4300 USD 4300 USD 4300 USD 4300 USD
Total in Indian Rupees/Per Year 279500 INR 279500 INR 279500 INR 279500 INR 279500 INR 279500 INR


Global Outreach Program :

The University enjoys a global partnership with many eminent educational centers of the world which readily provides it with valuable assistance in field of academics, research, student exchange programs, conferences and clinical workshops. Every year the university receives a substantial number of visitors who are academicians, students or researchers. Some of the Partnership are

  • Universidade do Algarve (Portugal)
  • Universita’ di Bologna (Italy)
  • Universite Bordeaux 1 (France)
  • Humboldt Universital zu Berlin (Germany)

Accreditation and Licensing :

The O. O. Bogomolets National Medical University is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with Level IV, the highest level of accreditation for a higher educational Institute in Ukraine (accreditation certificate series : RD-IV No 118966).NMU has the license from the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine, series, AG No 582604 according to decision from State accreditation commission, dated 24.11.2011, certifies the right of O.O. Bogomolets National medical university to implement the educational activity in the following Area
of knowledge and specialties of training.

NMU widely conducts activities like student exchange programs, internships, seminars and international projects with educational institutions abroad which includes the European Regional office of WHO, the European Association of Public Health, the Federation of healthcare facilities in France, the Agency for International Development (USA), the German Agency DAAD, Inter-University Centre for Science and co-operation Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (Italy), which includes 33 universities from 14 countries and from Eastern European network of universities, which form 35 universities.NMU Also conducted various international programs in partnership with 101 foreign medical and educational institutions, organizations, associations, including 79 foreign educational institutions. NMU Co founded CIRCEOS Programs and has a partnership in conducting 43 international programs like ERASMUS MUNDUS, TEMPUS and MUMEENA.

Ministry-education NMU is the only university in Ukraine which has a registered membership with Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) which builds interdisciplinary collaborations and assists members in sharing their expertise across education, research, and service.

CUGH promotes mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships between universities in resource-rich and resource-poor countries, developing human capital and strengthening institutions’ capabilities to address these challenges. Every year about 30 university students in the framework of bilateral agreements and under that program attend summer training abroad in the following countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Denmark, Malta, Poland, Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Switzerland.

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